Switch to a green office now! We tell you why.

Just like our family we have some responsibility towards the environment which cannot be avoided, ignorance is the biggest destroyer of natural resources. Our ignorance towards sustaining electricity, water and producing waste is becoming more and more hazardous for the nature and henceforth for us. While there is time and hope to rectify the wrong that has been done in the past, we all should take sustainable measures and go green.

We spend most of our day working, in offices that produce wastes in high quantity, carelessly use electricity etc. Just like public transport is better than taking your own vehicle every day for the environment, co-working spaces are better than having your own office or working from home. Instead of each one us using electricity separately for 9 hours every day we use it at one place which means lesser use of lights, power plugs, air conditioners, fans or heaters.

There are a number of co-working spaces just around you that have been built keeping in mind all these factors and are green working spaces. They have all measures to sustain our natural resources or ways to recycle/reuse them. Desks recycled from waste furniture, flat screens that are more energy efficient, non-toxic or biodegradable cleaning supplies, encourage the use of recyclable papers and built in such a way that natural light keeps the rooms lit cutting down the use of other light sources.

You can find these spaces as close to your home as possible which in order will cut down on your transport needs.

Find all such options available near you here (hyperlink the word ‘here’)

Take measures and switch now, before it’s too late and there’s no point of working so hard!

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