How co-working spaces are a savior in the Covid-19 outbreak

How co-working spaces are a savior in the Covid-19 outbreak

Co-working spaces work on a simple idea of flexibility for their clients. As the outbreak of coronavirus, a commendable job seen by these co-working spaces is of creating spacious sitting arrangements wherein you don’t come in contact with any other person sitting and working as the desks have been re-arranged and places 3 feet apart. They have been working rapidly to prevent the situation from affecting anybody working here and that in order has resulted in making them stand out of the lot. Here we list down the best practices that we have been noticing amidst this critical situation in co-working spaces around Delhi NCR and how time and time again they have been proving to be more concerned about you and taking every possible measure to keep your safety and health first without disturbing your work routine in anyway.

  1. Sanitization and Disinfectants:

Every co-working space even after being one of the easiest ways for anyone to catch infection with the presence of so many people that might not even know, have made sure that this doesn’t affect you. They have been one of the firsts to take measure against this pandemic and have sanitized the entire of spaces not every week but every day. Use of high quality disinfectants on every inch of the space has made it one of the safest places to be at right now.

  • Spacing out:

Keeping a minimum of 3 feet of distance among all desks has become one of the most important aspect as to not come in contact with anyone. These co-working spaces even after having limited spaces have made sure to follow the preventions and have re-arranged your desks by spacing them out to a 3 feet distance. Use of shared tables has been unfollowed for prevention.

  • Personal Care:

For every desk a sanitizer, mask and wipes are being provided to help understand how important personal hygiene is at the moment. They have been taking extensive measures to make sure whoever enters the area uses a hand sanitizer by keeping it at entrance, receptions and even the guard room. A proper understanding of who is coming for meetings with their clients and making sure that the person has clean hands is very important.

  • Cafeteria and Food:

The easiest way to catch infection is via the food you eat, at these co-working spaces any and every kind of food item that is being prepared or served has always been done by professionals wearing hair caps, hand gloves and at clean slate cooking counters. To maintain and improve this they’re banning any direct contact between the servers and customers. Once your order is ready it is kept on the counter—packed or sealed and your name is called out. You can use the sanitizer and pick-up your food.

When the place you work at takes such extensive measure to make sure you’re safe and healthy without any hindrances in your work, you get a feel of how you’re not alone in any situation rather together in it. With such sense of assurance, they’re making life of their clients easy, helping them cope with. the downfall of global economy in this situation and giving them the bandwidth to take care of their families better in this world pandemic.

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