Terms & Conditions

Services agreed to the sourced tenants

  • The pricing offered is all inclusive apart from the applicable taxes and there are no hidden costs such as electricity or maintenance of any items etc
  • Availability of free Wi-Fi during the period of stay of the tenant
  • Availability of beverage services during the working hours of the tenant
  • Availability of power back at during the working hours of the tenant
  • Availability of air conditioning during the working hours of the tenant
  • Regular maintenance and office hygiene through professional housekeeping services
  • Availability of cafeteria during the day time and evening (optional)

The agreement with the workspace partner will automatically renew on the anniversary unless terminated by either party. 

BYO reserves the right to terminate the service provider in case of any violation of the agreed terms or otherwise use of unethical practices.

Any workspace agreement done with the customer, BYO shall reserve the right to be benefited with the commission and payments till the time the space is occupied. In case the customers leaves and re-joins the office space within the one year of their separation, BYO shall still reserves the payments and commission rights.  

The rental space provider takes the complete responsibility of authenticity and accuracy of the information provided. 

BYO will take a commission of 10% for monthly occupancy and 20% in case of short occupancy (meeting rooms, training rooms, any workspace booked for less than 30days) for the customer acquisitions through its platform.

Payment of the monthly occupancy fee is made by the customer on our platform. BookYourOffice deducts its share and remit the balance within 4 -5 working days. In case of long occupancy of the workspace by the customer, BookYourOffice holds and retains one month security deposit to be refunded to the occupant on termination.  

Rental space provider shall all time keep the pricing of the listing workspace available same as listed on BookYourOffice in  and not bargain with customer at a lower price than what it listed on.

Any increase in the occupancy for the clients through BYO, the provider is bound to pay the commission mentioned in the above paragraph.

Should the listed price for the space increase by the provider, the commission to BYO also increases for any incremental seat acquisitions by the existing or new customers. 

The payment processing shall be taking through the channels/platform of BYO. The payments to the service provider shall come through the BYO after successful payments from the customer. 

The workspace (co-working/ business centre) shall be featured on the platform (BYO Platform) in accordance with offers options & price as agreed to with the workspace provider it’s workstation/ seats from time to time during the term of the agreement. 

The customer shall get the seat by showing the email (containing the unique code) at the workplace where he has selected the seat.

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